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Policy and Procedures

Establishing clear and consistent policies and procedures is a key factor for operating a successful organization. Policies and procedures may be used to communicate organizational performance standards, disclose mandatory expectations and prohibit adverse activities. They may also support compliance with applicable laws and regulations helping mitigate various risks.

We offers a comprehensive library of customizable Policies, Forms, Manuals and Guides that are easily accessible and available to support your organization’s people, processes and growth.

• Employee Handbook
• HR Policy Manual
• HSEQ Policy
• Project Management Documentation
• Environmental Policy
• CASHES Policy
• Internal Control Procedures
• Safety Policies, Procedures and Checklists
• Finance, Treasury and Management Policies
• Accounting Policies and Procedures
• Procurement Procedure Policy


SME Consulting

We share our passion, experience and knowledge with entrepreneurs and SME’s, to develop and implement a winning strategy into profitable growth and sustainable value. The services we provide include:

• Assess financial needs and advise on the finance sources
• Craft business strategy with short and middle term objectives
• Prepare business plan, Feasibility Study and cash flow projections
• Designing systems, policies and procedures
• Providing Outsourced staff and sales support
• Developing digital marketing and social media strategy


Association Management

Associations are all about passion and dedication. We share our clients passion to advance their unique missions and ensure they have the tools, resources, and expertise needed to succeed.
Services we provide are:

• Association management and administration
• Membership services- Communication, Retention, Renewal
• IT (information technology) – website design and management, membership database control, email communication.
• Event management – conferences, conventions, meetings, seminars, special events
• Sponsorship planning and acquisition